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Your rugged, intelligent eye in the pen.

Now you can unlock a wealth of data from your pen. With information delivered directly from the Falcon vision system to your desktop via the cloud, our proprietary machine learning algorithm classifies all reportable stages of salmon lice that you’re required to report. Equipping you with the actionable data you need to monitor the welfare of your stock and detect, track, and treat salmon lice infestations — providing you with robust data and insights, when you need it, and from wherever you are.

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Falcon monitors all reportable stages of sea lice — and the overall welfare of your stock.

MSD Animal Health understands that sea lice is one of the greatest hurdles to the success of your business. However, the costs go beyond treatment expenses alone. Salmon lice infestations can also lead to production and mortality issues, expensive fines, and even a cap on your allowed farm biomass.

Of course, the answer to early detection of sea lice isn’t manually counting more often. It’s automated monitoring with the Falcon vision system.

Artificial intelligence — right in the pen.

How Falcon AI Works

With accurate and reliable welfare monitoring, the Falcon vision system captures and collects high-resolution images of thousands of salmon in your stock. Our proprietary machine learning algorithm then reviews and annotates those images to deliver results that are stored in the cloud — so that you can access them from wherever you are.

Plus, with our team of welfare specialists continually analyzing images to train and improve the machine learning algorithm, the artificial intelligence in your pen keeps getting smarter and smarter with time. This makes your investment more valuable to you as you work to identify risk and take early action to protect the welfare of your stock.

Real-time decision making backed by science.

Built for extreme weather conditions, the always-on Falcon vision system from MSD Animal Health provides reporting that helps you make more informed decisions about the welfare of your fish. With Falcon in your pens, you’ll have access to the insights you need for rapid, real-time decision making — for both accurate sea lice counts and the welfare monitoring of your stock.

Falcon AI at work

Blue = Adult Female with Egg Strings    Red = Adult Male    Orange = Pre adult    Green = Adult Female without Egg Strings

High-res images

Falcon captures and displays only the best high-resolution images of your stock — straight from the pen to your desktop.

Different views

Now you can view lice numbers on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual view.

Salmon lice

Falcon can identify different stages of salmon lice: chalimus 2, pre-adult, adult male and adult female with and without egg strings.

In the cloud

With data stored in the cloud, you can view, export and analyze results from wherever you are.

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