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The rugged, always-on Falcon vision system from MSD Animal Health delivers an intelligent and actionable snapshot of the health and welfare of your salmon stock. With data and insights delivered directly from the pen to your desktop — as well as accurate and continuous welfare monitoring — detection and reporting are now easier than ever. Saving you time, while providing you with quick access to the data and insights you need, whenever you need it.

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Detection. Fast, accurate and fully automated.

Utilizing our proprietary machine learning technology compiled from years of scientific work, Falcon automatically counts, classifies and reports salmon lice numbers so you don’t have to. This saves effort and risk to your employees and your stock.

With welfare monitoring and near real-time reporting on thousands of fish straight to your desktop, you can now deploy treatments with greater precision and efficiency to stay ahead of problems — while simultaneously reducing the impact of salmon lice management to your bottom line.

The data you need. Direct from the pen.

How Falcon Works

Monitoring fish welfare and controlling salmon lice populations through manual counting is time intensive, stressful to your stock, and can lead to errors. Manual counting only provides a view into a small fraction of your entire stock — one week at a time.

Falcon provides welfare monitoring while continuously evaluating the salmon lice status in your pens — virtually eliminating the need to manually handle and sedate salmon during lice counting. Lice evaluations derived from Falcon’s high-resolution images are clear, accurate and consistently reliable. And better yet, they’re sent directly from the camera, to the cloud, to the control room where you can access them at any time.

Falcon System

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